Portsmouth: A Young Changemakers City


The Portsmouth: A Young Changemaker City Project aims to develop Portsmouth into a place where young people have the power, influence and platforms to create change regardless of their background or upbringing. The cross city and cross setting programme focuses on working with 5 schools to provide a range of platforms and interventions for young people to explore power, learn how to leverage it and drive change.The project involves working with young people, teachers and youth work professionals to develop a toolkit to help individual schools and community groups implement democratic ideals into day-to-day life for young people. Providing each school with a ‘Changemakers Day’, an immersive day-long experience exposing young people to democracy, power and influence, culminating in a live Q&A/debate with local decision makers. Finally delivering a six month-long ‘Changemakers Academy’ programme for young people with a drive to lead social change. This more intensive programme will give participants the skills, knowledge and networks to understand, influence and build power, through four weekend training programmes / meet-ups per cohort.